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Skin Wellness 

Center for Advanced Dermatology and Laser

Fractional CO2 Laser at Skin Wellness

Fractional Co2 laser procedure is one of the most sought after treatments in the clinic because of our signature personalized custom-made protocols, performed with expertise and experience by our Skin Wellness Specialist , a board certified dermatologist.

Our center has acquired 2 different fractional laser systems so we can offer more specific treatment protocols depending on the skin condition and concern.

We have been performing this laser procedure for 3 years and has treated more than 900 acne scar patients with brown skin and thru this experience we have come up with our own Skin Wellness protocol to efficiently improve acne scars and reduce the chances of side effects.

These protocols are divided into 3 major laser settings and are subdivided further depending on the patient’s skin type and available downtime.

Fractional co2 settings need controlled strength to be able to work and show improvements on acne scars, however, risks are present . Therefore pre and post management and care are very important.

 Low fractional co2 settings are very safe but will not work on acne scars.

We are also able to predict the good and unwanted outcome based from the Skin Wellness protocol.

Average improvement is 50 to 70% on mild to moderate acne scarring after 4 to 6 sessions.

Soft contoured scars respond faster .

For deep scars with walls or edge (box scars), combined treatment modalities are advised.

Average downtime is 5 days.

At Skin Wellness, fractional co2 lasers are in-house and are always performed by a board certified dermatologist from Monday to Saturday.

 This is a photo of our patient who has acne scars, majority are soft contoured . The after photo is the effect of 2 sessions, interval of 6 weeks.

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